To kick someone's shin.
A shin kick.
Martin: You think you're a badman but I could take you!
Andy: Really??!!
Martin: Yeah!
Andy: *SHINK*
Martin: Owhhh you kicked my shin!
by St. Nicholas's Present Bag November 26, 2010
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The combination of shady and kinky.
S&M is kinky, but S&M with 5 people, a donkey, and a video camera would be shink.
by rswa September 24, 2007
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When a person performs an act of substantial awkwardness or does something entirely unreasonable. This term is usually applied to individuals who aren't normally considered awkward people.

When someone "shinks" while engaged with another person then they are said to have "shinked" on that person. In other words, to have shinked would be to have acted awkward to or around someone else.
"Kevin was hitting on some girl at that party last Thursday. He was doing good until he shinked all over her."

"I was walkin down the street when some guy just up and shinked on me. I was like "dude, wtf?" and was just like "oh, sorry man." some people, you know?"

"Look, if things start to get hairy just shink. They won't know what hit them."
by ObieTriceratops October 06, 2010
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the sound uttered when producing (or making the motion of producing) a blade, expandable baton, or other metallic object, usually a weapon.
Check out this shiv I just got. *Shink*
by elemental June 27, 2005
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1. To stagnate and wallow in mediocrity.
2. To become bloated and uncomfortable due to lack of activity.
The profits were shinking due to lackluster sales performance.

Without exercise or doing much needed chores at home, Joanna found her body shinking.
by eruditus May 18, 2007
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A session of intense thought while on the shitter.
"Hey Bill, any thoughts on what our bid for the MacGregor contract should be?"

"Chuck, I'm still not sure. Let me take a shink and get back to you."
by Flix September 25, 2008
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An urban legend in the flesh. One who stives for what he believes in, himself. One who is true to himself.
"Man, you're the shink. Dude."
by Walter Jennings October 16, 2009
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