Dude is so shelf with those corny jokes.
She is so shelf! No cap!
by CHOPPAMAMA December 3, 2020
Lame or old fashioned. Not cool, popular or trending.
“Those shoes are shelf, no one is wearing them anymore.”
“You’re so shelf. Why would you say that?”
by Da Dubs December 3, 2020
That’s so shelf!
by Bellesfolly December 3, 2020
This party is completely shelf!
by AMAD77 December 3, 2020
It would be so shelf to stay home Friday night after I told everyone I had plans.
by Wordgirl333 December 3, 2020
Shelf: lame, plain, unexciting, boring.
That movie was so shelf. Half of us left after the first half hour.
by Genxsurviving December 4, 2020
Me: what should we do tonight?
Him: we could go putt put golfing
Me: don't be so shelf
by Kaca6 December 3, 2020