Shasta is an amazing girl unlike any other. She's accentuated by her beautiful smile, big Brown eyes, and completely outgoing personality. Always on the move, never rests. She's always striving to do the absolute most she can, and stresses herself out. She has the most ridiculous lauph that you just have to love because it fits her dorkyness. An all around original girl, has her own way to do everything and is stubborn about it. Hard to read her moods but she's almost always smiling and bringing everyone's mood up when their having a bad day. Gives great advice and has amazing social skills.
Have you met Shasta before? She's the most amazing person I've ever met!
by Sk4t3rx209 October 28, 2014
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One of the most loyal girls the world has ever known she loves with all her heart and deserves to be treated with respect and spoiled she is the best wife a man could ask for simply amazing wish she was mine
Shasta best wife any man could ask for.
by Ryacusss July 25, 2017
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She is an amazing and beatiful girl. She always floats your boat. If you ever have a chance with a shasta take it. If you dont you will regret it more than anything. She is kind, smart, and loving. She is a gorgeous, courageous, and wonderful girl. Your life will not be complete without a shasta in it. She would make the best soul mate in the world. No one could ever replace her. No one could ever look as beatiful as a Shasta. She will be more than you ever needed. She is just so precious and lovable.
She is beatiful that must be a Shasta.
by Micachu Bu November 29, 2018
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A beautiful, sweet, intelligent girl. She can make you laugh no matter what. Make sure to take care of her.
Person: who's that gorgeous girl?

Person 2: that's Shasta
by XTruth HurtsX January 10, 2018
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Cheap, but great-tasting soda brand. Was available everywhere until the 1980s or so, today it's rather difficult to find compared to Pepsi or Coke.

Also a name for a mountain in California, and the name of a defunct camping trailer company.
"Wow! I haven't drank Shasta in years!"
by Jon Revelle February 24, 2009
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The coolest chick around: Parties like a rock star all night long. Giggles like a lunatic, but that is part of the appeal. Can mix paint, whether she works at a paint store or not.
Dude. You tryin' to match that microscopic paint chip? You gotta get that Shasta'ed.
by Lawyerliz February 13, 2014
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A beautiful African angel of a woman.
Her name means Precious water.

She is precious because she is smart, sexy, and sweet.
She is like water, because once you meet her, you cannot live without her.
She is the embodiment of a smart, sexy, skillful and loving African babe.
person 1: wow, that new girl from Nigeria is hot, who is she?
person 2: That's Shasta!
by azumarill39 February 12, 2018
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