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The uncontrollable surge of laughter that takes over and makes everything that was once worth a smirk seem unexplainably funny. When you have/have had giggles you can feel giddy for a while after.
Becca has only gone and got giggles again.
"Just ignore her while the giggles subside"
by SUFC1989 February 20, 2015
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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to laugh in a really cute bubbly manner
Christine has the cutest giggle and i wanna smack that ass.
by Andy October 02, 2003
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what a girl lets out when she sees your small penis
boy takes off pants
girl giggles
by toosmall July 24, 2009
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A group of white girls.

Coined by YouTuber Jacksfilms in his internet show Jackask, on episode #20.
Guy 1: Hey, dude, see that Giggle pass by earlier?
Guy 2: Yeah, they're really annoying.
by SonicShy FlutterBoom July 12, 2014
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-2 cups of Laughter
-1/2 cup of shrieking
-1 tsp of yelling

-3 cups of awkwardness
-2/2 cups of stupidity
Idiot #1: "Hey, why did the chicken cross the road"
Idiot #2: "To get to the nightclub"
Idiot #1: *giggle giggle*
Idiot #2: um-
by Ethan Dolans fiancรฉ June 22, 2018
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