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The uncontrollable surge of laughter that takes over and makes everything that was once worth a smirk seem unexplainably funny. When you have/have had giggles you can feel giddy for a while after.
Becca has only gone and got giggles again.
"Just ignore her while the giggles subside"
by SUFC1989 February 20, 2015
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to laugh in a really cute bubbly manner
Christine has the cutest giggle and i wanna smack that ass.
by Andy October 02, 2003
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-2 cups of Laughter
-1/2 cup of shrieking
-1 tsp of yelling

-3 cups of awkwardness
-2/2 cups of stupidity
Idiot #1: "Hey, why did the chicken cross the road"
Idiot #2: "To get to the nightclub"
Idiot #1: *giggle giggle*
Idiot #2: um-
by Ethan Dolans fiancé June 22, 2018
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A group of white girls.

Coined by YouTuber Jacksfilms in his internet show Jackask, on episode #20.
Guy 1: Hey, dude, see that Giggle pass by earlier?
Guy 2: Yeah, they're really annoying.
by SonicShy FlutterBoom July 12, 2014
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another name of the maui wowi, maryjane, gonja, weed, meds, green, trees, ........................
Bring the giggles when you come over later...

We are gonna get giggled!!!!!!
by Bunny561 January 25, 2011
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