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A famous Chicago department store chain first established in 1852. Famous for its excellent service, Frango mint chocolates, State Street flagship store in downtown Chicago, clocks on the corners of the flagship store, and the Tiffany Favrile Ceiling.

In 2006, all Marshall Field's locations became Macy's when they acquired Marshall Field's parent company, the May Department Store Company. The acquisition and name change sparked many protests and a boycott of Macy's by former Field's shoppers.
"If it was something special, Marshall Field's had it"
by Jon Revelle March 23, 2008
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An enclosed shopping mall built in 1971 in the developing Chicago suburb of Waukegan. Anchored by Carson Pirie Scott & Co., Wieboldt's, and JC Penney (known at the time as simply Penney's), the mall featured over 100 shops, as well as several shops and restaurants outside the mall including a multiplex, Service Merchandise, and a strip-mall.

In 1986 Wieboldt's filed for bankruptcy and closed its Lakehurst location, just in time for the infamous flood of 1986 which crippled the village of Gurnee some 5 minutes away. The floods resulted in the closure of Gurnee's elementary schools, which for about 6 weeks would be held inside the former Wieboldt's anchor, which became unofficially known as "Wieboldt U". After the schools were repaired and Wieboldt U students left, the store was remodeled and reopened as a Montgomery Ward on the top floor and Dunham's Sports on the bottom floor.

1991 sparked the decline of Lakehurst when the massive Gurnee Mills outlet mall was built 5 minutes away. Almost instantly Lakehurst shoppers and tenants fled Lakehurst for the new mega mall. 1997 would be a vicious blow to Lakehurst's head when JCPenney closed its Lakehurst location due to it being considered "underperforming", and a larger more updated store being built 30 minutes away in Vernon Hills. Montgomery Ward also closed its Lakehurst location due to bankruptcy troubles.

The rapidly dying mall was shuttered in 2001, leaving its Carson Pirie Scott anchor as the only operating store at Lakehurst. Carson's survived through 2003 and finally turned out the lights in early 2004, with demolition following shortly afterward. The land is being redeveloped to Fountain Square of Waukegan, a mixed retail and office plaza.
"Fountain Square was built on the site of the former Lakehurst Mall"
by Jon Revelle March 23, 2008
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A catalog retailer well known for its unique ordering process.

When you walked in you were given a slip of paper for which you would write down the catalog number for the item you wanted to purchase. When you were done walking around and writing down the numbers of what you wanted to buy and were ready to checkout you gave the cashier the slip, which would go back to the stock room and shortly afterward, your items were rolled out on a conveyor belt from the back. Service Merchandise also had a variety of self-serve products.

Service Merchandise was well known for its jewelery and electronics.

The chain went bankrupt in 2002. After re-emerging as an online retailer for a brief time, the name disappeared again in 2007.
"I got my watch and my TV from Service Merchandise about 15 years ago"
by Jon Revelle April 3, 2008
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Cheap, but great-tasting soda brand. Was available everywhere until the 1980s or so, today it's rather difficult to find compared to Pepsi or Coke.

Also a name for a mountain in California, and the name of a defunct camping trailer company.
"Wow! I haven't drank Shasta in years!"
by Jon Revelle February 24, 2009
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Two amusement parks (one in Gurnee, IL, the other in Santa Clara, CA) built by Marriott that opened in 1976. Both parks were sold in 1984. The Gurnee park is now Six Flags Great America, and the Santa Clara park is now California's Great America.
"Let's go to Great America and ride the American Eagle!"
by Jon Revelle March 25, 2008
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A funny quote shouted by Danny, A.K.A. the "Tourettes Guy" while eating his breakfast one morning. He would later complain about his fish sticks being "hard as tits".
(stares at food, shakes head) FUCK SALT!
by Jon Revelle June 10, 2008
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The original name of Visa, and once owned by Bank of America. Started in the 1950s, it became Visa in the late 1970s. The name was revived by BofA in 2008.
by Jon Revelle April 13, 2008
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