Somone who is very uniqe and sweet, she is someone you can trust, shes is someone you can count on when you arent feeling your best. She is someone who is always smiling and laughing, so when you are around her there's never a dull moment. She has many goals and dreams so stick by her and help her succeed... SO BELIEVE IN HER! She is someone who wont give up on you so dont give up on her. When you know a Precious dont let go of her because once you see you have you wont find another one like her.
How did i get so lucky with Precious
by ssillywwilly-101 October 16, 2016
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A girl who is insanely crazy but loving and kind. She cares about other people and will listen to anything you have to say. She’s beautiful and artistic and could be loud and scary when she’s mad so don’t get on her bad side cause she may fight you.
Even though she’s been through some shit she still keeps a wide smile on her face. She can be weird but it makes her hilarious. Everyone loves her and being around her. She’s the going out kinda type of girl. Nighttime activitities amuse her the most. She’s active and outgoing someone who is a precious likes to do things on there own and always be there for other people but not really for them self. She’s a traveler and likes to explore new surroundings by her self or with friends. If you know a precious keep that girl in your life cause she’ll change it for the better
by I love precious! October 5, 2018
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She is as precious as a rare gem, the reason she is called precious. She has a heart of gold. She is someone u can trust with all your secrets, a true friend. Stands up for what she believes no matter the circumstance even if it means fighting for it . When she loves she does it with all her heart.

The are hard to fine so don't let go of the one you have .💯
Precious, I thank God for letting me have you in my life
by #Naomi!! February 3, 2020
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Precious is very sweet and all, she isn't always sweet but on the inside she is. She gets mean easy so don't get her bad side. Don't ever let her go, bc once u have her she won't let go. She does get spaced out easy a lot that's how come she's so smart. She's very pretty. She is waiting for her first kiss just for a perfect one, she needs her patient or she'll go crazy. She keeps things perfect and has to think about it for a long time, so what u need ur patient for her. Find a precious, keep that precious bc she's amazing. All these things are true, bc ik it. These are different from any normal girl trust me.
Boy: she's hot
Boy2: ikr wish I had her.
Boy: she's everything I need
Precious is da one u only need
by blinder_3 April 1, 2018
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Very cute, charming and sexy lady. Loves to smile and laugh. There’s no dull moment around her. Very caring, goofy and playful. Has really big dreams. Help her grow and she will never forget you. Precious loves LOVE. And she goes to give up on love, people or her dreams easily. Let’s not leave the point that she can also be a pain in the ass
Marry a Precious and be happy
It’s that Pretty Precious girl again
Precious has an amazing personality
by Placker May 21, 2019
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Precious is a loving,caring and understanding person, loves to help when they can,beautiful and unique,when precious loves,it is real, the type of person you want to spend your forever with, even if precious has flaws mostimes,tends to work on them when corrected,precious keeps their words,you can help but just find a Precious in your life
Precious is unique

I told precious about my problem and she helped provide solutions
by Osaspre March 19, 2017
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You're precious
by Ughhh May 18, 2019
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