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The most populous African nation with approximately 374 ethnic groups. Its name is derived from a combination of words "Niger" (the country's longest river) and "area."
One in six Africans and 1 in 2 West Africans live in Nigeria.

by GoldenC May 22, 2007
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African country where my friend Malbota Nwadeyi lives. He has promised to give me 25% of the $3.6 million dollars that he is trying to move to America. However, he needs my help to transfer the money overseas.
Lagos is in Nigeria, correct?
by Diggity Monkeez April 10, 2005
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A country in West Africa that is the lagest oil producing country in Africa. It is also the largest black nation in the world. The country is humid and tropical, but full of coruppt leaders that sell the countries oil to the U.S. and keeps the profits for themselves. They don't even bother to put it into the country. Just into their own pockets!
God danm U.S.! Stop stealing all of nigeria's oil!!
by Nicole Chidera June 06, 2005
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1) n. A nation in northwester section of the African continent. Very hot, humid, and home of oil, rebellions, and internet scammers.

2) n. The scam capital of the world. See 419.

3) n. A member of OPEC, one of the few in Africa.
1) I might go to Nigeria this year for vacation.

2) Heh, I just got another one of those rediculous Nigerian scams in my email.

3) I wonder why Nigeria doesn't just leave OPEC and increase production. It would save their economy and make the rest of the world care about them.
by Toba December 16, 2004
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Where your bike, mobile phone and most of the money in your bank account would most likely end up if you lived in Birmingham, Nottingham or North London.
'cause my bike did time in Nigeria
by Turkman October 30, 2006
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Any enclosure or exclosure including buildings, towns and cities that is overly populated by people of nigerian origin.
A "nigeria" can often be discerned by its populants unconvincing american accents, american brand clothing and (in younger circles)over use of the term "eh blud".*
*(english translation:excuse me brother)

One can often discourage the formation of a "nigeria " in an area by regularly shouting "IMMIGRATION" at random intervals

see also: visa, indefinate leave to stay, immigration.

e.g there is a growing nigeria in south east london. primarily in the areas of woolwich and peckham
by mynd trip May 17, 2006
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