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The distinct smell of the internet connection offered by most cablecos and telcos in exchange for massive amounts of money from their monopoly customer base, of which they care so little they shit the bed with glee.
I tried watching netflix, but once again, it's sharter.
by Romas N. Tutledge February 28, 2015
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One who sharts (soils ones pants while simply intending to fart).
My brother is a stinky shart face. He loves to shart. Today was not the first time he has sharted. He likes to shit his pants when he farts.
by Carlypoo June 09, 2005
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to shart oneself. to try to fart and accidentally shit oneself. the person committing the act of sharting.
Bubba had surprise poopy at work, what a sharter. He actually tried to fart and pooped his pants. What a sharter.
by Stinkeeeee August 03, 2008
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Originating from the word shart used to describe the act of pooping your pants accidentally with the pretense that the outcome was going to be a fart; a shartereis an individual who sharts and wallows in the fecal material as though it never happened.
"Get our of here sharter you filthy panties are not only stinking up the joint but it's rolling down your pant leg leaving a trail of poo."
by Litsavant2868 May 08, 2016
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