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Shania is a very pretty Blacked hair darkbrowed eyed girl . Doesn’t take no for a answer , doesn’t like everyone. Keeps to herself and only trust a few ,
“Shania thinks she the stuff

“She’s actually really nice
by Dreamdemgoddes January 18, 2018
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a beautiful, insecure, unique girl who is shy around people she doesn't know but will be the weirdest, funniest girl around her best friends. She is well known for being kind , and her knowledge. Some might be jealous of her beauty and her long brown hair and brown eyes.
girl : " who is that ? do you know her ? "
other girl: "no , but she seems like a Shania"
by wallflowerr February 08, 2014
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Thick sexy girl with many curves. Good in bed ALL THE TIME and catch attitudes easily so be careful. Not the one to play with and has a big booty.
by Coconut Baby. July 16, 2017
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A gorgeous girl with dark black hair, usually smart and athletic. Hates to acknowledge her beauty, but at the same time knows it's there. Extremely hot... extremely, like drop dead gorgeous, can make any outfit hot and sexy. Oh yeah Shanias ore extremely sexy.
"Hey man have you seen the new girl?"
"Yeah, she's a total Shania."
by dustydrawer62hatesyou July 20, 2009
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Shania's are the strangest species known to man. At first glance, they got all the boys drooling and dying to know who is she. She is the type of girl who often has long brown/black hair, fair skin, curvaceous body, a fat ass and all the boy's attention. This is the type of girl that can give guys a run for their money. There is never a dull moment with this girl. She can often destroy friendships and has a problem authority. They can even play 2 or 3 guys at the same time without them finding out. She's sneaky and fucking GORGEOUS and she can light up any room with just a smile. She seeks commitment but has commitment issuses, which makes her difficult as hell. She can get annoying but you'd be grateful she's giving you her time and not the next guy.
David: Holy Fuck!! Who is that?😍
Raj: That fine as bitch over there is Shania. But you gotta take a number and wait, cause everyone here got their eyes on her
by Cheaterfling007 January 27, 2018
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A girl who is in to sport is know for her knowledge.Shy and unique to people She may not know. Is hot as fuck
That girl is the defined as a Shania
by ari ana marie April 10, 2016
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The most beautiful person anyone's ever seen. She is a true godess and is worshiped by all the men. It means to be gorgeous and flawlessly perfect in all ways.
"oh my goodness, have you seen shania, she's absalutly beautiful"

"i wish i were more shania"
by brunette :) May 29, 2009
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