Strong,fearless,spiritual,smart and creative just a few words to describe her,she's a go-getter,a fighter, she lights up whenever she talks about something she's passionate about,not afraid to be herself and say what's on her mind even if no one else agrees. she doesn't let the world define her or tell her who she gets to be or who she should be. She's beautiful and attractive but pays very little attention to that since she is a strong believer in celebrating a person's character rather than their appearance. She can be quite opinionated but that just stems from the fact that she's not afraid to be different or to think differently. Shania's are caring, independent, somewhat messy at times and great listeners by nature. If you ever meet a Shania take time to get to know her, don't be quick to assume things about her. Give her space to be herself and remember to always exercise patience .Learn to read between the lines for she may be shy at first but when she's comfortable enough around you, you'll get to see everything that's crazy, fun and meaningful about her.........
She's quite an unusual person she must be a Shania.
by DreamingSky July 25, 2018
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Shania is a girl who is beautiful, caring, and everything in between. Usually with dark brown or black hair and brown eyes, she's very humorous and knows how to make anyone laugh.

if you have a shania, keep her. She'll always be there for you in your lows, and of course your highs. She knows how to light up a room with just her presence.
"that girl is so nice. I wonder if her name is Shania"
"She is such a shania, look at her talents!"
by 1400/999 January 2, 2019
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Shania is a wonderful girl who is always looking out for others. Confident and outgoing personality. Lots of fun to talk to. Always knows how to keep a good conversation going. Also loves to party.
Shania is beautiful and confident.
by horizon55 November 7, 2019
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Shania is a very pretty Blacked hair darkbrowed eyed girl . Doesn’t take no for a answer , doesn’t like everyone. Keeps to herself and only trust a few ,
“Shania thinks she the stuff

“She’s actually really nice
by Dreamdemgoddes January 19, 2018
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A Shania often has brown eyes , brown hair , curvaceous body , big booty & an amazing personality . Normally Shania's tend to be shy at first when meeting new people but when she's around her close friends she's a bit crazy to say . Crazy as in funny & loves to branch out like trying new stuff . If you're friends with a Shania , you're a lucky person because they are great listeners & love to help with situations . Often has a heart of gold and always trys to help a friend in need no matter what or how bad the situation is . Shania's have an angry side to them , they are sometimes irritated very easily .

When you're in a relationship with a Shania , you're a lucky person . Shania's tend to be very fun , out - going , lovable and always makes sure to have their partner happy . Their partner in return should treat them right and give love to them as in like give small gifts of appreciation on Valentines Day or Christmas and their Birthday .
Girl 1 : That girl over there , she has some really good looks

Girl 2 : Yeah , that girl has some great personality , she helped me with some problems

Girl 3 : She seems a lot like a Shania
by Unknown dream girl December 16, 2018
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a beautiful, insecure, unique girl who is shy around people she doesn't know but will be the weirdest, funniest girl around her best friends. She is well known for being kind , and her knowledge. Some might be jealous of her beauty and her long brown hair and brown eyes.
girl : " who is that ? do you know her ? "
other girl: "no , but she seems like a Shania"
by wallflowerr February 9, 2014
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Shania's are the strangest species known to man. At first glance, they got all the boys drooling and dying to know who is she. She is the type of girl who often has long brown/black hair, fair skin, curvaceous body, a fat ass and all the boy's attention. This is the type of girl that can give guys a run for their money. There is never a dull moment with this girl. She can often destroy friendships and has a problem authority. They can even play 2 or 3 guys at the same time without them finding out. She's sneaky and fucking GORGEOUS and she can light up any room with just a smile. She seeks commitment but has commitment issuses, which makes her difficult as hell. She can get annoying but you'd be grateful she's giving you her time and not the next guy.
David: Holy Fuck!! Who is that?😍
Raj: That fine as bitch over there is Shania. But you gotta take a number and wait, cause everyone here got their eyes on her
by Cheaterfling007 January 26, 2018
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