Made famous by the late Ronnie James Dio of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell and Dio. Dio would often shout at the top of his lungs in parts of a song "Look out!". Best used in context with a loud raspy voice while flashing the horns. Most commonly heard when describing an impending situation or event loosely connected to Heavy Metal.
"Look out" is also a phrase used in tribute to Dio, often yelled by rockers before they down a shot, take a drink or on hearing the opening riff of a Dio song.
*shot glasses poised - "Look out!" - shot drank.

*Black Sabbath's 'Mob rules' opening riff starts - "Look out!"

"Here comes that hot metal chick again, LOOK OUT!"
by Rahtedpumpclart February 28, 2012
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<phrase> Warning;

A phrase intending to make another person or group of people aware of a sudden danger which they may not be aware of themselves yet.
ARMY CAPTAIN: "Look out!"
<mortar shell takes out entire squad>
by Stuart Fletcher January 8, 2005
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The act of watching out for someone in their best interest.
Dude 1: Hey man, I saw you weren't in class today. I took notes for you.
Dude 2: Thanks man. Good looking out!
by Adam Bicksler July 15, 2008
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An of age person who purchases alcohol for minors.
Although I never would have spoken to him otherwise, I befriended Jeremy because he was 21 and always willing to be my look-out.
by lmg December 15, 2003
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Watch yourself and no one else - there is only one person thats gotta get through life with you ... YOU!
I'm cutting you lose, gotta look out for #1
by Miklay May 30, 2007
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originated in chester,Pa. 19013
A good deed from one friend to another.
Cookout describes doing something for a host or for a friend doing something for you.
Jammal:Yo cuz you going to run me down to the store?
Quran: Nah cuz thats das money.
Jammal: Coem on cuz, you not going to look out for the cook out.
by Ma'd Johnosn August 2, 2005
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