The reply to a statement, implying that there are many others with the same feeling.
by jamesf October 12, 2004
Means, a lot of people are making demands on my time right now and your request may or may not get granted depending on if and/or when I get a chance to get to it.
"You want that when? Yeah, you and everybody else. Take a number Jack."
by cleo October 13, 2004
Take a number means (more or less) "wait your turn." More often, its used to let someone know that a lot of other people want what they want.
Person A: Hey, I need a copy of the Davidson file.
Person B: Take A number.
by SeanCallaway October 15, 2004
a reply. used when one of many people ask you to do the same thing.
i.e. james asked me for a sack this weekend, i had to tell him to take a number bc i already had 4 other people ask, too
by sacadosia October 14, 2004
Figurative: "If you want to discuss this topic with me, you will need to wait your turn, as there are any number of others who wish to do so who got here before you did."

Comes from a line control mechanism that is found today with decreasing frequency, where one is requested to take a numbered ticket from a strategically placed dispenser and accordingly wait for that number to be called.
Your computer just blew up? Take a number, I've been getting calls on that all day.
by ke6isf October 15, 2004
What you say when several parties want to talk/complain to you about some presumed important matter.
-You know, I'm kind of pissed at what you did.
-Yeah? Well take a number.
by 000 October 13, 2004
useful when someone is complianing about a phenomenon almost every other human in the world has to endure.
A: Ah, man, I hate work!
B: Dude, take a number.
by tiffany October 15, 2004