What nobody does these days before buying a product or signing a contract or entering a gambling sweepstake or applying for a job.
While looking at the record label contract he signed, the musician suddenly noticed and read between the lines that he would not get a cent from any of the CDs sold with his music on it. But by then it was to late.
by AYB October 18, 2003
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when a girl lifts her legs up, inviting the spectator(s) to have sexual intercourse.
I walked into the room, seeing her laying on the bed with her legs raised.
"Read between the lines"
by Parmie December 4, 2015
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When you’re alternative between reading a book and doing lines of cocaine.
Guy 1: “I was reading between the lines yesterday. Nothing goes better than a good book and some top quality cocaine.”
Guy 2: “Heck yeah dude. What were you reading?”
Guy 1:
by FukuyamaRespecter September 4, 2023
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