is denoted the performance of a task or maintenance in which the technician or worker circumvents proper safety precautions in order to save time and be more efficient. The worker is usually quite familiar with the task he or she is performing and it usually does not entail cutting corners while completing the job.
Billy had wanted to change the display lights on several of the consoles. However, the job required a tag out and power turned off. Since it was after midnight and no supervisors were awake, he decided to do the job shady shady style by just opening several of the panels and changing the LED's. while the equipment was still energized.
by CreampieGuy August 24, 2011
to be very sneaky, suspect, or to have an all around backstabbing personality
Jocelyn or DJ is one shady individual, which is why she is called Shady C.
by ak3aeafdf May 31, 2014
To do things in secret, without telling the people close to you.
by Roland Poitevien December 10, 2015
Someone that does something that is either wrong or undercover out of spike.
1. Man that shady for you , to put salt on my name.

2. To take money out my purse , your shady for that.
by Shaneika Marie February 20, 2021
1. an unshaven, yet nicely dressed male who has the sexiest voice you've ever heard, and the biggest peen you've ever seen.

2. a super smart and sexy a-rab that you want to tare the clothes off of.

3. someones futures husband!
"wow, shadi is looking fine tonight"

"lay off bitch, thats my shadi"
by velovelo July 21, 2009
People who are shady tend to have no problem in lying to others. They are fake and have no morals. I would also refer to shady people as "sneks"
Stephanie Q. is hella shady........ she told her 'friend' she was busy, but she only wanted to be lazy.
by OHHMAHHGAWW June 27, 2017