Sexual Intercourse, aka Sex.
**what the fuck am i supposed to say here?? who uses sexual intercourse and not sex? some weird old man??**
by kickingorphans May 28, 2021
A scientific term for "making love", "going to bed with", "carnal knowledge", or just simply put, "sex".
Hey, baby - that was nice sexual intercourse we had last night.
by th100 September 18, 2010
-The act of a male sticking his erect penis into a woman's waiting vagina, either for fun or in hopes of creating a child. Thrusting at various speeds, the male pushes his penis into the woman repeatedly until they ate finished with the deed.

-The best thing on this good planet earth.
Tom and Mindy had some sexy sexual intercourse on her mother's bed that night while her parents were away to get revenge on them for not letting him come over to bang. A few months later, Mindy was pronounced pregnant because teenagers don't exactly use protection any more...
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 17, 2017
Coitus or a sexual union between humans usually involving genital contact.
Sexual intercourse is the most highly overrated thing on the planet.
by HT February 3, 2004
"today is the day we have sex!"
"But we already had it an hour ago!"
"get in the god damn bed, stop bitchin and do it"
by KawaiiAnime November 3, 2003
The act of sticking your penis down a well lubricated vagina, Also called a pussy.
Jimmy and Melisa had fucked each other.
by Ultra Pulse July 22, 2005