an act between male and female were the male sticks his huge cock inside the females vagina and do it all there lives
harout just fucked monica so hard that monica started crying of joy becuase she just had sexual intercourse
by ha8 May 9, 2008
when a man sticks his wang-a-lang in a girls pee-pee hole and uh uh uh all night long!
"i heard mom and dad going 'aaaaahhhh oh baby mm oh fuck me, fuck me harder richard mm ohhhhhh" which was sexual intercourse
by wangalangbitch June 21, 2007
where a guy sticks his penis in the females vagina pussy
Mike had sexual intercourse with Diana
by harut March 18, 2008
placing a males hoo hoo dilly into a womans cha cha
billys hoo hoo dilly entered marshas cha cha when they had sexual intercourse last friday
by r*j* August 21, 2007
something that i have with your mother every night. we make pollen or some shit
“hey i heard that Cecilia and John had sexual intercourse last night”
“hell yeah dawg
by sexgod 69420 November 24, 2021
it is called sex people sex not sexual intercourse
last night i put my dick in her vagingin that is sex or SEXUAL INTERCOURSE as you called it
by rasadas April 13, 2008