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One of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet. She is very generous and kind. She goes beyond of what's asked and will always be there for you. Melisa is a very strong and passionate girl, who is willing to take any challenge. If you meet a girl named Melisa, don't let her go, keep her, because you will never meet anyone like her.
''Did you meet that new girl Melisa?'' ''No, but I really want to."
by Melisa;) February 10, 2018
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Melisa is usually a very outgoing girl.
Very loyal and only seems to trust a few people.

Shes very nice but once you mess with her your gonna regret it.

Shes keeps to herself but is very loud and weird when shes comfortable.

She'll keep a smile on the outside to not show her true emotions inside.

Shes very funny and can keep a crowd laughing.

Shes one of the most gorgeous girls you'll ever see in your life.

When in a relationship she will be faithful & Loyal as can be.
outgoing Melisa boobs crazy funny
by Nikkiyolo123 August 15, 2013
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Melisa is incredibly gorgeous, and will always make you smile. Melisa is perfect and lovable and awesome and weird and will make you feel like you are in heaven whenever you are with her.
but melisa is right here...
by daffodillion June 27, 2010
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Melisa is a amazing kind funny girl she sees the best in people she loves to have fun if you are ever sad know that this goofy girl will cheer you up treat her like the princess she is. She not one to make you sad or bored she is one to make you smile love her with all her faults and all her beauty.
β€œMelisa is a queen at heart”
by Destiny52 September 10, 2018
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Melisa is the most *i aint got no busniess wit u unless u my friend* type of people
She can be happy unless u rush her

She likes to sleep
Melisa is one of the most idk person ever
by Popeyes190 August 08, 2018
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A short, bootylicious, insanity loving, leperchaun-like daisy. A creature of the sun. Prefers to be naked. Likes to laugh at devastation, panic, and chaos. Generally has a delicious badonkadonk.
My Melisa is off her rocker today, we need to feed her some Kornbread.
by Schmigiggles February 27, 2010
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