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Short for Armour Piercing Composite Rigid, this is a type of tank shell that uses a soft external casing to enclose a dense kinetic-energy penetrator which can pierce heavy armour. It’s infamous in War Thunder for being unreliable, as the shrapnel damage caused by the round’s core is small and often doesn’t injure crew. The concept of this sort of round was improved upon with the introduction of Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS) rounds.
Damn, I do hate using APCR rounds in War Thunder.
by TwoOrMoreHippos May 2, 2022
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A tank with a cone-shaped turret that has become famous due to this. It was used by the French during the Blitzkrieg.
*Playing War Thunder*

Player 1: Wow, I just got killed by an FCM 36!
Player 2: As in the Cone Tank?
Player 1: Yeees
Both: Cone Tank Cone Tank
by TwoOrMoreHippos May 2, 2022
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What a War Thunder noob does when they die to an enemy tank and decide to spawn a plane
Something has to be done about all the Revenge CAS happening in War Thunder right now
by TwoOrMoreHippos May 3, 2022
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The plane with the record of the largest gun on it, a 102mm anti-shipping gun. It was based on the P.108 heavy bomber, built by the Italians during ww2.
Did you know that the plane with the biggest gun was the P.108A?
by TwoOrMoreHippos May 2, 2022
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Added with update 'Ground Breaking' in War Thunder, Aral Sea is a Ground Forces map. It is almost universally hated.

The map is made to look like the drained areas of the Aral Sea, which has shrunk quite a lot form its original size due to Soviet mismanagement.
I absolutely hate the Aral Sea map in War Thunder.
by TwoOrMoreHippos May 9, 2022
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Abbreviation for Aviadesantnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (Airborne Self-Propelled Gun), a series of light tank destroyers meant to be air droppable into warzones. The abbreviation has become colloquially used to refer to the vehicles of this series built, such as the ASU-57 and ASU-85.
Hey bro, have you heard of the ASU tank destroyers?
by TwoOrMoreHippos June 23, 2022
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A Russian air-droppable tank destroyer, infamous in War Thunder for its sneakiness and surprisingly deadly gun. This sneakiness is often amplified with bushes. It’s also known as simply ASU.
Of course I couldn’t see him, he’s a ASU-57 covered in bushes!
by TwoOrMoreHippos April 29, 2022
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