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Someone, male or female, who is proficient in the art of sex and attracting other people for sexual purposes. A practitioner of Sexgic

Also used to refer to a person who sleeps with a lot of people. A promiscuous person.

Like vampires, everyone wants to be sexgicians but they should be avoided. Risky sex might follow. Note that not all who are lured into the trap of a sexgician, as they tend to use Sex spells to achieve their goals, sapping from their extensive Sex Spellbook.
"I saw Jenny at the club last night. Even though she's fat as a whale she managed to drag five guys home to her place. She's such a sexgician"

"Don't go to the bar, it's full of Sexgicians. You'll get AIDS for sure".

"Billy was thrilled to receive his letter of acceptance into The Greater College of Sexgic"
by Vitor, sexgician acolyte! April 27, 2006
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