A sexy Mexican person with a voice like smooth chocolate love and enjoys singing in choirs. They also like to take jokes just that little bit too far into being inappropriate
Chloe: Look at Dennis go, he's really rocking choir today

Tom: Well.......he is a sexy Mexican
by GingerMan89 January 27, 2011
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Vic Fuentes is a Sexy Mexican. He can sing and he can play guitar. Hes a sweatheart two.
O look at Vic Fuentes hes a Sexy Mexican.
by ptv43 August 22, 2011
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A very sexy, adorable man. Usually with dark brown eyes you get lost in, and gorgeous dark curly hair. Often he has a beard or at least a goatee. May or may not actually be Mexican, but looks enough like one that semantics shouldn't matter. Very good at everything he does, be it car repair, bed refurbishing, or auto detailing. Super smart (and not afraid to tell you so!) and he knows his way around a computer. Especially a computer that isn't his. Known to occasionally carjack when he isn't busy zipping around town on his motorcycle. Some Sexy Mexicans are so hot and so Sexy you may feel compelled to drive around town aimlessly for hours at a time, with the hopes of a five-second Sexy Mexican sighting. Then you can feel good about yourself knowing the day has been worthwhile. Very elusive creature, rarely has a Sexy Mexican been captured, although legend says a certain beautiful woman has come very close to nailing him. Some even say she has nailed him a few times, though others disagree. Sexy Mexican tends to enjoy sushi and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Not at the same time, usually. Certain Sexy Mexicans might be named Shawn, but that is up for debate as well.
"Sexy Mexican rode by on his bike, while I sat with my wrecked Toyota waiting on a tow truck"

"I'm certain I saw Sexy Mexican ride by while I was being detained by police."

"Emily, what's wrong?" "Oh nothing. Just depressed about the elusive Sexy Mexican, as usual."
by Mrs.SexyMexican December 7, 2016
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a man, mexican or not, who can sing La Bamba and can pelvic thrust and is hot
by bob333 April 24, 2007
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