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Sexgiving, or Sexgiving Day, is a rare North American holiday, often celebrated but never talked about. It is a form of festival which centers around a sort of feast or smorgusboard of ass. The date and whereabouts of the first Sexgiving are unknown, sexgiving day is often plagued with doubt and fear.

When the Pilgrms landed on plymoth, they stepped over Malcom X and immediately stripped naked and began to donkey punch, jelly dounut, walk in closet, old iron side, hot rod carl, and jolly roger each other, oh and one man was given a polyp protector. He was not liked. This disgusting disply is now known as sexgiving. And the naked indians wept.

Corporate Dildo "Hey where is the IT department?"
Corporate Tool "It's sexgiving"
Corporate Dildo "Is that like thanksgiving"
Corporate tool "no"
by stigmatic October 15, 2008
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