noun. a person who calls everybody else a new jack, so that they themselves don't get called new jacks. Usual targets are people who generally listen to mainstream bands, regardless of experience in hardcore music, and music diversity.
"You know that fool steven?"
"Yeah man, that kids a fuckin standoff."
by DanielDisastrous March 18, 2009
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When two men on chatroulette are both jacking off and both refuse to hit the next button and see who can go longer.
Bill: "Dude what happens when a guy is beating off and gets a dick?"

Joe: "They usually have a standoff."
by kewlrawr September 3, 2012
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a level in halo 3 that everyone hates and vetoes. only nubcakes can win because they are faggot enough to get into the warthog and drive around all day and shoot people
FACCCCCK! Not standoff again. This map sucks. I hate all the noob biscuits slobbering in noob sauce wanting to get the splaser. Veto this shit!!!!!
by Shazzy Mack December 9, 2008
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n. - The scenario where one, with no other options, enters a public restroom having to take an urgent shit, but discovers that one or more stalls is/are quietly occupied by other people with the same idea.

In an effort to be polite or keep from embarrassing themselves, no one in the restroom wants to be the first to squeeze out a loud, booming fart or firebomb a lunker into the water below for everyone to hear, so what ensues is a shit standoff.
Ned: "Dude, where were you?"

Larry: "I was in the bathroom. I would've been back 10 minutes ago but there was a wicked shit standoff in there."
by SnacksCCM October 30, 2013
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Occurs when two individuals cross paths and each politely suggests that the other may go first.
Man: Oh sorry
Woman: It's ok, go ahead
Man: After you.
Woman: I insist.
Man: Thank you.

A Canadian Standoff.
by adam12121212121212 March 20, 2010
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A Brooklyn standoff is when multiple roommates want to stay in a rent controlled or super cheap apartment but have grown to hate each other and can absolutely not live together anymore.
Man I hate my roommates so much these days but no one will move out because we all know we couldn't get a better deal. It's turned into a real Brooklyn standoff. standoff stalemate brooklyn roommates rent rentistoodamnhigh
by Reetuh.Spuhawn May 10, 2016
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A no-win situation in which no action is taken because all parties defer to the others. Like a Mexican standoff but with toxic niceness instead of guns.
Every driver at the 4-way stop waved the others along but no one would go since it was a midwestern standoff.
by Sean McSean O'Sean FitzSean January 7, 2020
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