A term used by auto mechanics to describe oil leaks that aren't that bad, but will be soon.
"Hey Xavier, is that oil pan bad?"

"Naw man, it's just got some seepage"
by Bullshitee November 24, 2012
noun: the slow pressing of human feces between one's fingers while performing the act of fisting one's anus
After a long night of heavy drinking (or not) as you fist a girl in the anus, your hand cramps open to the point where a smooth extraction is impossible forcing the girl to attempt to push your hand out as if she were pooping. During this painful attempt to free your hand, you begin to feel a sensation between your fingers similar to that of hot smooshed-up bananas, being, of course the seepage of her feces.

"Last night I was up in this girl's shit, literally man. I got it stuck up in some mad seepage."

"Dammit seepage!"
by Room 13 December 8, 2008
When your dick starts to stick out through the hole in your boxers. Generally happens when you wear loose-fitting boxers with plenty of move-room or have an erection.
Duuuude, I had some major seepage this morning and when my mom came to wake me up, she saw my dick in its full throbbing glory!
by Thranduil February 7, 2019
Jism leaking out of a birds snatch after shagging that dampens her gusset and sometimes dampens her Jeans too. Maybe even the chair she's sitting on.
Clean yourself up bitch! If you're going to shag in the toilet at least you can bung it and prevent seepage!
by D November 10, 2003
The step after damp seepage but before wet seepage
Hey guys, I'm seeing MOIST SEEPAGE at the Electric Factory tonight, anyone want to join?
by Moistseepage February 9, 2019
When anal fluid slowly rages out of the butthole.
Hey, man I heard you had a bad case of anal seepage.
by Tino'slittlesecret April 12, 2009
n. the leakage or unprecedented discharge of rectal fluids often following the consumption of violent foodstuffs or the rammage of objects unto the anal cavity.
"hath thou anal seepage, young Ulberth?"
"aye, i 'ave but eaten a rat curry with my daily doseage of bumming action with ye town cryer's brother, Borfred."
by Matt Roberts December 10, 2004