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Another word for an autonomous or "self- driving" car.
The road will be a much safer place once autos become popular.
by Hufflepuff9 February 04, 2016
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A tourist to sub-orbital or orbital space, through commercial space flight programs.
Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson alongside their crew became the first astrotourists, while visiting sub-orbital space in July 2021
by AxonL July 20, 2021
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Automobile, Car, Gta, Fully auto gun.
#1: Talk shit, imma pulling out the auto.
#2. This guy is annoying af, im skrtting off in the auto.
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by YoungWrapper June 28, 2018
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The term auto is used in CS:GO to refer to the automatic sniper rifles, the SCAR-20 and the G3SG1. Both cost $5000 and are tied as the second-most expensive weapons in their game. They have a significantly faster movement speed than the AWP and higher rate of fire. One-shot kill to the head, generally two shots to the body. Great for killing CT scrubs crossing mid on Dust II. In my opinion, the best weapon in the game.
T: *buys auto and sprays mid, easily killing one CT and tagging another
CT 1: you fucking bitch, why you bully me?
CT 2: what a noob use a real gun like the awp.
T: git gud
by xX_LordGaben69_Xx February 25, 2021
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automobile,car,whip,hoopty,drop all types not one class of car any car or machine with a motor that can transport
"we goin to the party? who got the auto?"
by Ganksta March 12, 2003
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Used in New Delhi, India. Short for Auto Rickshaw, a three-wheel rickshaw powered by a vespa engine with room for three passengers.
The word auto originally comes from the Greek word 'automatos' meaning self acting. (Its modern day equivalent is automatic.)
"I'm sorry I'm late, I couldn't get an auto in time"

"They're so many of us, we might have to take two autos"
by Samir J. Banerjee July 17, 2004
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A macro or other device that can be used in online gaming or other places so that a person doesnt have to.

outside of the internet, it often means car
those autos just stole my kill!

I painted my auto red (for a car)
by Fryplink May 06, 2008
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