Another word for an autonomous or "self- driving" car.
The road will be a much safer place once autos become popular.
by Hufflepuff9 February 5, 2016
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Automobile, Car, Gta, Fully auto gun.
#1: Talk shit, imma pulling out the auto.
#2. This guy is annoying af, im skrtting off in the auto.
by YoungWrapper June 29, 2018
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automobile,car,whip,hoopty,drop all types not one class of car any car or machine with a motor that can transport
"we goin to the party? who got the auto?"
by Ganksta March 13, 2003
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An autist (autistic person). Also used more generally as a less severe synonym for retard.
That isn’t even remotely clever or funny, auto
by ah81wasaclassact April 13, 2022
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Used in New Delhi, India. Short for Auto Rickshaw, a three-wheel rickshaw powered by a vespa engine with room for three passengers.
The word auto originally comes from the Greek word 'automatos' meaning self acting. (Its modern day equivalent is automatic.)
"I'm sorry I'm late, I couldn't get an auto in time"

"They're so many of us, we might have to take two autos"
by Samir J. Banerjee July 18, 2004
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often used as a simple abbreviation for "automatic"; used as a form of implied agreement, certain action, or even coming to a group consensus
1. Oh no. I should have auto-called the turn. I would not have created such a mess for myself.(poker reference)
2. Oh yes, thats an auto. We should auto-go down there tonight. It sounds auto-fun.
by Thomas Michael Ryan April 27, 2007
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A programmer whose mental age approximates to six (6), has the tenactity of a brick wall and the intellect to match a single brick in a staring contest. He thinks that honest programmers should be financially restrained and unable to profit from their own work, and should give away their work for free under all circumstances.

He models the Internet upon totalitarian regimes which censor anything opposed to his simple-minded definition of "good". Also see Stalin, Hitler, communism and Microsoft.
"Aww f***, here's that auto fool again"

"No auto. Shut up. Nobody cares =)"
by _htek_ May 19, 2005
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