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The usually odourless fluid/mucus that leaks out of your ass after pro-longed anal stimulation. It isn't semen, but rather your own body's colon lubrication that has pooled up behind your anus expecting more rectal stimulation. Usually comes out in one large blob like a loogy. Beware of farting while this is inside of you.
Joan - "Boy, after Max reamed me for hours last night, I've done nothing but fart anal fluid."
Sally - "I know what you mean. For hours after a really long anal session with Joe I feel like I'm foaming at the ass!"
by Wobbly Joe December 13, 2007
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Not whiping your anus after disposal of fecal matter for more than two weeks will lead to the developement of these fluids. When left alone and unattended for a large amount of time it starts to rust the anal opening leaving a scarlet colored rash around the buttock. Soon a cottage cheese like spead starts to grow and infect the entire area of the buttock. This type of bad hygene disorder can be prevented by practicing the habit of whiping yourself after every dump. If the disease has grown beyond control, then over the discharge pour a steamy bowl of urine. This will make the infection have a burning yet soothing sensation that will rid you of the discomfort.
Ewwwww, Shanjida has anal fluids all up in her ass.

Hey, can you take a piss on me, I got some anal fluids growing and I am afraid of getting that cheesy shit on my bum.
by Ha Ha Del monte June 11, 2004
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