obsessed with knocking someone down; over the top, annoying
quit pressing me
by iluvcheesecake May 2, 2016
I am feeling very pressing today I have a high hope off a pressed day ahead.
by twichemo November 24, 2016
Stressed, upset, annoyed. If you're pressed about something it basically means you ain't about that life or you find it pressing
1. I'm hella pressed about how much homework we have due tomorrow. 2. Why does this girl keep trying me? Im pressed!
by mandemm97 January 19, 2017
Being extremely irritated by someone, something or even a situation.
Kyle lied to Carly again and the whole situation just has me pressed.
by youngnoodle47 March 9, 2017
When someone is getting angry or mad at another’s actions.
“Why’s she getting so pressed about not winning the basketball game
by JohnnyTheSaviour August 9, 2019
To be very annoyed or mad.
Person A: What’s wrong with her?
Person B: I don’t know she’s been really pressed lately.
by MichaelKlump December 17, 2019
Military euphemism to continue on as/or in duty. To move on to the next task.
Give it your best shot, then press on!
by Smokey March 4, 2005