When one acts in a skeezy or scumbagish way. Often used to describe someone who creeps on drunken and vulnerable chicks at a party.
"Danny was keepin' it scummy last night when he pulled that drunk girl into the bathroom."
by Keepin'-It-Scummy March 19, 2010
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The type of guy to eat the pussy of a prostitute, lick some guy's ass, finger a Polish girls for 3 quarters of an hour and fuck her on the stairs and last but not least lick the tits of a Tajikistan girl. That type of guy
Haha Scummy got grounded because his mom found out
by Los Piratos May 13, 2016
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Street Slang for Drugs, particularly cocaine or crack cocaine and Marijuana. Use made popular by such artists as Rick Ross, Ace Hood, and other souther rappers.

The act of getting scummy involves alcohol and drug intoxication.
I look like money, I smell like money, I'm swaggin' one hundreds system full of that scummy.

I'm gettin that money, gotta keep them feinds comming, ya know i'm gettin' paid from tha dirty south scummy.
by WhoYouCantSee January 13, 2009
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1. Let me borrow your lighter, I'm going outside to smoke a scummy.
2. I'll give you five packs of scummies for your Charizard card.
by Floydtibbs July 26, 2009
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A bitch, a poser. One who does floater whips once a year over a railroad and is famous for being twitchs bitch taking it from him rawdog raildrive style! The Bro God!
Hey Bro you should really ride and stop being such a Scummy!
by Kacey Kay March 14, 2008
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1.getting seriously intoxicated, usually off a combination of marijuana and alcohol.
2.the way you look after a long night of getting wasted, usually dirty, nasty.
1.Yo, you wanna roll? Me and the boys are getting scummy tonight.
2.Them hoes look scummy as hell!
by ro$coe G June 15, 2004
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When someone dosen't take a shower and is poor.

As in, they smell bad and never wash.

Their father is filthy, has long hair down to his ass, greasy, has 2 tooth and never takes a bath.

Scummy people usually live in Government housing units that the state pay for. Either that or a one room shit house made of cement with blue pool covers on the windows.

They share a bathroom with 50 other people in their apartment complex and the same with the shower, though they never use it.
Colin is really scummy. He makes me glad my father dosen't look like that.
by Big Bird! January 26, 2010
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