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The name of the main character on the HBO comedy series "Eastbound and Down", played by Danny McBride. Kenny Powers is an ex-baseball star that is trying to get back into the Majors while living with his brother and working as a physical education teacher.
Kenny Powers' autobiography "You're Fuckin Out, I'm Fuckin' In" goes on sale this March.
by Floydtibbs April 28, 2009
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A prime supplier of hard drugs (coke, crack, meth, whatever) who deals in large amounts.
Tim Allen was a kiloman in Michigan before getting famous on Home Improvement
by Floydtibbs August 14, 2009
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1. Let me borrow your lighter, I'm going outside to smoke a scummy.
2. I'll give you five packs of scummies for your Charizard card.
by Floydtibbs July 26, 2009
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No one in the West Coast knows that the word "heel" means bad guy.
California Guy 1: Hey Tony, you know I think after we left that crack house we've been followed by a heel.
California Guy 2: Jay, I don't even know what the fuck you just said!
by Floydtibbs April 15, 2009
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The act of taking a shit facing the opposite way on the toilet with your arms resting on the tank, simulating riding a bucking bronco.
Larry: Last night I was able to do my homework while taking a shit.
Chuck: Really? Did you have to use a clipboard or something?
Larry: Nah man, I pulled a rough rider, that's how I take all my shits.
by Floydtibbs July 6, 2009
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To set the record straight, a beaster is an individual who lives life with no limits. Specifically, it pertains to a person who on a daily basis, or at least on weekends, consumes three or more tall cans of malt liquor in an evening and smokes all the dank that is handed to them.
Don't bring Pat to the BBQ, that fool's a beaster.
Oh really, what's that?
He'll drink and smoke all your shit.
by Floydtibbs April 5, 2009
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A bar that mostly old people like to go to. The drinks are usually cheap and very stiff and the establishment itself is kind of dirty inside.
The Circus Room is a beater bar because a lot of old ex-tweekers like to there for the cheap drinks and to find young dick.
by Floydtibbs February 8, 2010
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