A hot guy who is a great kisser and lover. Hes experienced, but hasnt been satisfied yet, so you could be his chance. He sometimes gets out of line but be understanding as he doesnt know any better. If youre going out with one, never let him go as you will regret it for ages
Girl 1: My boyfriends so hot, and a great kisser
Girl 2: I didnt know you had a boyfriend, but from the sounds of him he must be a Scott.
Girl 1: You bet he is
Girl 2: Wow, I dont care that youre going out with him...hes so hot im gonna go prise him away from you
by bootygurl69 March 5, 2012
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An amazing man! Tall, powerful, sexy, intelligent, kind, caring, thoughtful, protective, responsible, and selfless. Gorgeous! Men with this name usually have very big, thick dick's and can last for hours. They also know how to please women orally. In fact, it's well known that if you meet a "scott" you could fall madly in love with him if you're not careful.
Girl #1-Oh damn..I just fell in love!
Girl #2-With who!?!
Girl #1- This guy I met a couple weeks ago...
Girl #2- Girl what's his name?
Girl#1- His name is Scott
Girl #2- Damn Girl I told you to stay away from men named Scott!
by woopdeedoodledoo February 2, 2010
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A Scott is someone who when your around you can't stop laughing, he says the stupidest things but there hilarious! Sometimes he doubts himself but he shouldn't cause hes an amazing person and friend. Scott is a very social person and loves being outrageous!
Did you hear what Scott said,? it was so funny!
by Hopee. July 11, 2010
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pronounced: (SK-OT)
Incredibly good looking with a great six pack.
Usually found surrounded by a group of girls but can sometimes be found laying back and reading a book. Always there when you need someone to talk and can easily make you laugh. Friends always come first for scott.

Girl one: Gee last night guess who i hung around?
Girl two: o duh girl i already know everyone was hanging around a scott, he's such a swell listener.
by dfkdfkajfka March 28, 2009
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Scott is sweet amazing and a true sweatheart if your name is scott u can get ur dream girl gl!
by truthexpert101t September 29, 2020
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