gl hf no bs - good luck, have fun, no backstabs
by Bobert April 20, 2003
"GL" or "gl" in the manga, manhwa, manhua universe means literally girl's love. Which is a romance genre when both of the main characters are females. Often interpreted as "Yuri" for the Japanese community which means Lily. The fans of the genre are simply called Yuri enthusiast/fan. Another variant for the opposite sex is bl, which you already know it, means boy's love (I'm not into that).
Me: "Hey, did you read the gl manga I recommended you?"
Yuri fan: "Oh, Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku? Heck yeah dude, that manga sure be vibin'!"
by Le Bruh December 27, 2021
person: yo i got your hoodie in my locker, meet me after class?

me: fs, gl (for sure, good looks)
by hollyhandeled.12345 October 25, 2017
Normally used is most gaming online lobbys. the term refers to GOOD LUCK. may also be used in conjunction with GG(good game) or HF(have fun)
4k Fov: GL with owning me noob hope you get fucked by your mum
mtw.Ghostridah: GG
by G[r]ey December 17, 2004
M: I will get laid with this hot blonde.
A: gl with it.
by Michael Grechka August 31, 2003
refers to either good luck, or guild leader. The latter of the two is mainly used in World of Warcraft.
1. Gl pwning the horde, they are pretty good.
2. Is you gl online, ive been trying to join?
by Nico69 October 22, 2006