“u seggsy”
by xoxo,gossip girl October 26, 2020
mmm im so seggsy
by smoochiesmoochz February 28, 2021
To be sexy and also an egg
Did you see those seggsy eggs?
They were teh seggsiest!
by Eggsploder November 5, 2011
When someone b lookin hella fine
Being cute
Being super hot
Elliot is not seggsy
Jack is the seggsiest person alive

Jack is seggsy so he’s cool
by Bigwangchickenwang November 22, 2020
The Gen Z way of spellingsexy
Cynthia - Louis Partridge is so seggsy
Alissa - yesss!! So seggsy
by Louis Partridge’s gf January 10, 2021
Seggsy (quite similar to the less awsome word,sexy) is when one certain person is at a certain level of attractiveness.Mostly used to discribe anime(ah-nee-meh) characters that make you go "yes daddy" or "look at dem boobies"
1.Omg kenma from Haikyu is so seggsy
2.Her boobs are so seggsy and her ass is so huge
by Yumehoe Jay February 7, 2021