An unfortunate, but common misspelling of the word, "sweetheart".
{instant message conversation}

{Troy}: Good morning sweatheart!

{Lucy} Sweatheart? That's so fucking gross! Fuck you and the horse that rode you in!!! Goodbye asshole, I never want to see you again!
by Telephony January 25, 2018
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A person who's a good, sweet and loving person. However, this person sweats in a large quantity.
Usually a spelling mistake on "sweatheart"
Person 1: This girl I met is such a sweatheart!
Person 2: Wait, sweatheart? You're pronouncing it wrong-
Person 1: No like, this girl sweats a whole lot..
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Person who is nice, heartwarming and sweet but who stinks and sweats a lot. Should probably take a shower.
Obi: riz is such a sweatheart.
Invinci: don’t you mean sweetheart?
Obi: no he stinks and sweats pls keep him away from me
by ObiDaSquid July 3, 2021
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