in jazz, a term used to describe posture used by musicians who want to signal that what they will play next is killing
Jacob was laying back to indicate to his band that he would start playing the killing jazz standard, "the truth" by moonchild.
by werghdbv December 17, 2017
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Someone who walks too slow while talking with their fellow lay-backs. They block the entire sidewalk or hallway, leaving you no choice but to plow through them and tell them to piss off under your breath. They often show up at the worst time, like when you're trying to catch the bus.
Outta the way, stupid lay-backs.
by AtlanticComputer October 18, 2020
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In a relaxed state, especially with friends while not engaging in any specific activity.
When Allison called, I was laying back in the cut with Will and Jay and didn't feel like engaging in awkward conversation with her.
by Tmbggeek August 30, 2006
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1. to relax and stay at home. 2. to not go out and have fun with your friends 3. a blockbuster night
What are you doing tonight?

I don't know, I think I'm just gonna lay back in the cut.
by Mark Abell December 19, 2004
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chill out ;) etc etc.......
lay back dude ,dont steam up >_>
by mitsaras? September 20, 2007
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A word used predominately in Australia and New Zealand to describe when a person lies on their back and another person ejects goon (cheap cask wine) into their mouth for a particular period of time.

This can be done from a great height or, for example, hanging in a tree, in which case it is known as a "trick pour".
Thirsty, Annie? Do a lay-back!

Can also be used as a verb, usually in a song-form as follows:
LAY BACK (insert 2-syllable name here), LAY BACK! LAY BACK!
by gg90 March 9, 2009
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To avoid doing your part. Not participating or using your talents for the good of others.
You need to mow the grass instead of playing video games and laying back in the cut.
by Walneto August 30, 2010
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