verb - selfishly taking an inappropriately large amount of something offered to you for sharing purposes.
"Dude, he just schrodered half my blueberry muffin!"
by maxthecashier August 20, 2009
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Inserting a male's ball sac into your mouth while gurgling.
I totally just got a schroder from my girl last night!
by Uber Schroder October 25, 2010
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A small, disgusting penis. Typically malformed and short but fat.
Dude, when Frank got pantsed, everybody saw he had a schroder!
by mudpiglet October 21, 2006
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it can be used either is a noun or an adjective. This word is used to describe a person who is a complete "square," "dork," or "jerk".
" Quit being a schroder and change the television"
" that guy at kinko's was a schroder"
"shut your mouth schroder"
by Daniel Cohen July 26, 2006
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A person who on a regular basis, drinks heavily, takes some drugs, and fights anyone about anything for no apparent reason.
Greg has turned himself into a real schroeder.
by Tim T. November 23, 2004
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A Silver Spoon filled with spooge is flung at your parter's face. Bonus points if completed whilst sporting an engineer's cap.
After your mom hogged down my cock, I tossed her a Dirty Schroder.
by AJ Facial July 22, 2010
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An annoying prick who steals your chair constantly but complains when you steal his
"Ohh yea that's just James Schroder being a hypocrite"
by Thmaster5 August 7, 2020
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