6 definitions by Daniel Cohen

This is the doodie on your wiener after doing a girl in the pooder.
" After doing that girl in the Pooder did you have anyDongdanglingdingleberries?
by Daniel Cohen August 03, 2006
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IMPORTANT-Only use when stoned!

It can be used as an adjective or a noun. It's main use is to refer to an object that you forgot the name of. Aslo commonly used to refer to a person who is not cool.
" Bro, hand me that ummm.... dooderwanger"
" Your a lil dooderwanger "
by Daniel Cohen July 21, 2006
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the of the wiener that enters the pooder (butthole). AKA the name of the guy who bangs girls in the butt.
"did u give her the doodiedipper"
" Did you give her the doodie dip? Yes and my wiener was the doopiedipper"
"you are a doodiedipper"
by Daniel Cohen August 03, 2006
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it can be used either is a noun or an adjective. This word is used to describe a person who is a complete "square," "dork," or "jerk".
" Quit being a schroder and change the television"
" that guy at kinko's was a schroder"
"shut your mouth schroder"
by Daniel Cohen July 26, 2006
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This is a word that describes a guy who eats a girl out from the doggystyle position. His mouth is on the vagina and his nose is placed on the butthole AKA the(Pooder).
" that dude on the porno was a poodersnifer"
"Dude quit being a poodersnifer"
by Daniel Cohen August 03, 2006
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This is a definition that in compasses a wide range of "slutty" activities. These girls are not even bangable by the fattest dork in the world. These girls are so buttfaced that they should join the circus.However still find their way to get banged when these girls get guys so drunk that they don't realize that they are about to get busy with a donkeyfaced gorilla looking hoe.
" Jared did u hook up with that slooter agian?"
" you should go to the clinic i think that slooter has herpes."
" that melissa girl was a slooter"
by Daniel Cohen July 22, 2006
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