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The word is used as a noun or a verb. To schroeder someone is to buttfuck a dead man. And a schroeder is a sick perverted
Kelly: Your going to have to schroeder him really fast.
Cyle: Ya I know I see someone coming!

Kelsie: I hate this kid, he's always touching my vag.
Tom: Wow what a schroeder.
by ConnerUnitNeverTangos June 27, 2009
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A Schroeder is a penile erection that is so taut, so skin tight, that it stretches the skin on your forehead.
Dude, that girl gave me a Schroeder so bad my forehead hurt!
by DigitalR3x November 27, 2015
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When a girl and her guy are making out, she pushes him down to eat her out. Then he wants his turn, but instead of going down on him she starts to use her hands. She indian burns his dick until he starts to ejaculate blood. Then she uses the bloody semen as lubrication on a dildo and fucks him up the ass.
Oh hey, my boyfriend and I did the new cool thing, schroeder, last night, and it was awesome.
by Someone3221 December 02, 2007
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Definition 1: Someone so full of them self they think they are Second To God.

Waking easily from sleep by a puff of air or a mouse whisper.

Definition 2: Generally a mentally handicapped person that speaks in monotone and isn’t funny.
Chuck: That guy over there is loud and obnoxious.

Chaz: What a fucking Schroeder...
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When you reach down to the lower region of a women only to find out she's a man.
I took this hottie home from the bar last night and when we got to my place I got completely Schroedered.
by Blanko13 December 27, 2013
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(adj.) The feeling of personal embarassment for someone else's emabarassing action.
(v.) Causing someone else embarassment by your action
(origin) On the 80's sitcom "Silver Spoons", Ricky Schroeder would spin around in a Michael Jackson-esque way and proclaim himself: "The Rickster!". I was so embarrassed FOR him that I blushed and had to look away.
"Jessica Simpson totally schroedered me with her tuna/chicken comment!"

"I was so schroedered watching that lame band at open mic night."
by KKW July 26, 2005
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When you are not giving the teacher a proper level of respect they wish for. Regardless of the way they act towards other teachers and students.
"Man Billy, wasn't our teacher such a Schroeder today."
by Captain_supa_fly June 23, 2016
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