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Schram - definition 1) the act of ruining a perfectly good situation. definition 2) being up shits creek without a paddle 3) to get screwed over 4) a sloppy abomination
I can't believe that schram showed up to the party.

Hurricane Katrina really schrammed over black people.

You get 80%, I get 20%? You are really schramming me here.
by Seanyebest June 06, 2011
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To produce or write a lengthy thesis paper using only on paragraph, also it must make no sense.
Are you going to schram your paper or divide it into topics.
by Erik Hanson April 25, 2006
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1. The accumulation of dead skin, lint, detritus and/or smegma found under the foreskin of an unwashed, uncircumcised penis.

2. The tabloid journalist who fits the above description in terms of demeanor, ethics and appearance.
1. He certainly allows a large amount of schram to accumulate in his genital region. Perhaps he should perform his ablutions more thoroughly.

2. I can't believe he would purposefully try to ruin someone's life like that. What a schram.
by Lulu B. August 15, 2012
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