To produce or write a lengthy thesis paper using only on paragraph, also it must make no sense.
Are you going to schram your paper or divide it into topics.
by Erik Hanson April 25, 2006
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1. The accumulation of dead skin, lint, detritus and/or smegma found under the foreskin of an unwashed, uncircumcised penis.

2. The tabloid journalist who fits the above description in terms of demeanor, ethics and appearance.
1. He certainly allows a large amount of schram to accumulate in his genital region. Perhaps he should perform his ablutions more thoroughly.

2. I can't believe he would purposefully try to ruin someone's life like that. What a schram.
by Lulu B. August 15, 2012
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Repeatedly slicing small pieces of a dish so you can keep coming back and not have to wash the dish.
Joe quit schramming the cake.
by Jdelh25 October 30, 2017
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The act of entering into an eternal familial relationship with a member of the "Schram Family" in perpituity,
or as it is more affectionatly known,
"The Fam Schramily"
Upon getting married to someone named Schram (whom she had known since the 7th grade), Brandy called the friends she had known since middle school and said, "I've been Schrammed".
(After 15 years and 2 kids, it just keeps getting better every day)
by Chugwhump June 27, 2005
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Schrammed - Verb
To not be timely, prepared or within budget
Hey Steve, how did your last job go?
Dude it sucked, I got Schrammed.
by AssBerg August 26, 2014
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Let's get off to a good start. I used to be friends with Brennan Schram. BEFORE he started dating all the 8th graders while in 9th grade. Let me remind you of a little something here. When in 8th Grade you are more then likely going threw your awkward stage. Desparet pill poppin animal.
Woah! Did you see Brennan Schram w/ that nasty eighth grader?

-Which one? I've seen him with 5 in the last week.
by AYEIHDSLKJ! January 13, 2009
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