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verb - the action of someone online who signs into a chatroom and stays inactive for a long period of time so that everyone in the chat believes that person to be away from their keyboard, but as soon as someone says somethign about them or speaks about a topic that they have knowledge about they pop into the conversation. this can either be referring to a good friend or a frequent visitor who is annoying.
person #1, "hey man did you hear about Gilly?"
person #2, "no i didn't, why, whats up?"
Gilly, "did someone just say my name?"
person #1, "goddam it gilly you fuckin invisibated me again you dick!"
Gilly, "LOL -.-"
by METAL BLOOD July 9, 2009
Verb - The action of a person or persons that jump into the middle of a conversation and start talking over everyone putting in thier two cents whether it was asked for ot not.
"So i was talking to Steve the other day about his wife being pregnant right, and in jumps Marcy and John and they totally convojack me because they have had a kid recently. Those two seem to convojack me at every chance they get"
by METAL BLOOD July 9, 2009
verb - 1. the act of 2 men one being circumsized and the other being uncircumsized where they pull the extra foreskin of the uncircumsized penis over the circumsized mans penis and proform masterbation in turns of both penises at that same time.

crude definiton - two gay men stand facing each other and you take their extension cords and plug them together "Huston we have dick sex!"

noun - 2. used as a title of action to explain someone's utter dislike for a situation, or idea.
1. "some gay men like to schnoodle while some prefer butt sex"

2. "dude that is gayer than schnoodling."
by METAL BLOOD July 9, 2009
Proper Noun - this is the proper name/classification of what poeple have called/classified a person who does not belive in a God or Gods as an Atheist/Atheism. Since Atheism is considered to be a "religious fellowship," this completely contradicts the very purpose of a Secular Realist. A Secular Realist or Secular Realism is a person/classification in which evidentual facts supporting theories and ideas hold more improtance and impact on their life far greater than any belief system in a God/Gods. Secular Realist/Secular Realism charges Theism/Religion to the rules and regulations of the scientific method and merit it to have no factual supporting evidence. This finds a Secular Realist confounded as to how someone could belive in the unexplained by non answers accroding to a logical system of testing and questions that is not only highly accepted, but highly supported by even religious communities, Secular Realists call it the Scientific Method.
"seriously people, stop calling me an Atheist. I am a Secular Realist, and no it is not a religion nor is it an anti religion!"

"Secular Realists do not believe in Intelligent Design."

"Because i am a Secular Realist i tend to trust scientific theories over having faith."
by METAL BLOOD July 9, 2009
"hey guys i got shit to do so imma biggidy bounce iight?"

"damn! i'm late, i gots to biggidy bounce before my girlfriend kills me."
by METAL BLOOD July 9, 2009
Proper Noun: Word replacement used to show someones dislike for the internet application game Mobsters.

Noun: naming of people who play mobsters online who show a lack of intelligence.
"i fucking hate Mobtards."

"i hate all the stupid mobtards on Mobsters"
by METAL BLOOD July 7, 2009
proper noun - A name used to disrespectfully discribe a single person who defies the set limits, rules, or regulations of any one other person. this word is used in many instances because it is based solely on self preceptive rules. someone who over attacks based on a set of hits per day, even if they are retaliating against someone else who are levels below their own level. a person who uses vulgar and disrespectful terminology like racist comments or swearing on someone else's page. Anyone who believes their own personal rules must be followed otherwise they are claimed to be a MOBtard.
this MOBtard has been hitting me 50 times per day for the last 3 days can someone take care of him?

some MOBtard just told me i was a fucking piece of shit.

This guy keeps hitting me day in day out and leaving comments on my page that i am a bitch, he is the definition of a Mobtard.

These people with this stupid ass 3 hits per day rule are just a bunch of fucking MOBtards!
by METAL BLOOD September 24, 2009