3 definitions by TylerLu

Blat- A term used by gang members that are affiliated with the bloods (pyru) gang. Meaning "Blood Land And Territory" or BLAT for short, it is a way for gang members to identify their turf to rival gang members, often mimicking the sound of a machine gun, "Blat Blat!!".

If a blood see's a crip on his block he may say, "Blat blat mutha fuckin crab, Recognize."
by TylerLu December 4, 2007
Poke Dope, is slang terminology for shooting up, or slamming drugs into the vein, via a needle or (Rig), it is a general definition for all drugs that are injected into the vein through a needle, and doesn't pertain to any particular one.
"I was really into poke dope back in the day."

"John is a real fiend for that poke dope."
by TylerLu December 4, 2007
Schnoodle, or Schnoodling is what you call it when one guy with a circumcised penis has a man with a un-circumcised penis retract his foreskin over both their penises for sick pleasure.
"That sick faggot Shem got caught schnoodling again, I reckon he will get done this time."

"Me & John are very close, we even schnoodle once and awhile."
by TylerLu April 13, 2008