A King from Egypt, nothing but ROYALTY! Shall a person have this name they shall reign until their time.
Oh how I wish I could be King Huston.
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A hot ass TikToker whom is very underrated and needs to be verified now
Patrick Huston needs to be verified on TikTok, he’s so underrated.
by TikToker.Shelby_c0624 September 21, 2020
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A god. A being that is above all others and cannot be defeated by any means of combat. All hail.
by OneHugeDingus January 21, 2019
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woman/actress whose been around a bazillion years and yet people still cant spell her name right. then again, who says its spelt right in the first place?

woman who looks rather scary... rather frequently... and is daughter of late director john huston. she also went out with jack nicholson for about 17 years in the 70's and 80's and is now married to a pervert of a statue-maker guy after jack impregnated a younger model.

she loves cats so if you don't want yours, she'll add it to her collection.
"your mom"
"your mom and Anjelica Huston"
"that ain't nice, man"
by VeronicaAntonia December 16, 2008
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An absolute legend. Some would even say he is a god.
Q: Tyler Huston?
A: Tyler Huston.
Both in unison: Tyler Huston Tyler Huston Tyler Huston.
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