Variation of dickhead.
Someone who is an idiot or annoying or just vexes you in general.
" Fuck off you cockhead, really piss me off."
by Adam Dickson III January 31, 2004
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Chiefly Australian meaning idiot! Similar to dickhead.
That dude at the party was a real cockhead
by Lachness_ July 1, 2010
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A man who changed his head for a cock, apparently he also thinks with his cock but he is a dumb-ass because his cock only has a few inches so he cannot think very well, he thinks in porn every day, watch xxx movies, masturbation and maybe spy to an innocent granny. He wants to fuck with all people, no matter if he fucks with men or women, according to this guy, his cock can with all.
Mary: hey ashley I haven't seen your brother since the last weekend, where is he??

Ashley: .... he is punished by mum, my mum saw him watching porn and jerking off in his room.

Mary: holy shit, what a depraved!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley: I know it, he's a cockhead
by CrazySuperMoves August 25, 2009
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Literally, the glans of a man's penis (also know as the helmet.) Used in a derogatory manner to describe a bothersome person.
Yeah, lick my cockhead!

That guy is such a cockhead.
by Jonah Falcon April 25, 2005
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an individual with a cock for a head w bush
2.fucken hell mate your such a bloody cockhead
by aussie boy April 23, 2005
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someone who looks like and is as dumb the penus.
when al senior at work wears that stupid looking hat, he looks like a cockhead!
by bigboybuster October 13, 2006
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being stupid; showing stupidity; displaying lack of intelligence
So many definitions on Urban Dictionary are prime examples of cockheading.
by yorrick hunt June 2, 2008
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