A Cross between small and medium.

A person who wears shirts that are too small.
Ben: Hey look, Ryan is wearing his Schmedium shirt again.
by JohnnyFleekins September 13, 2005
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When your body is clearly one size bigger than shirt or pants you are wearing
Steve was wearing his schmedium LB shirt again .... it’s time for a 3x.
by Ohyeahr February 18, 2018
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Any item of clothing that is to small for the individual to wear.
Llyod loves wearing that schmedium jacket that looks like a halter top on him.
by Carnage517 March 26, 2008
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A guy who thrives off of wearing a t-shirt that is just a tad too small with great pride. This shirt is often displaying "Affliction" these days and his hair is styled in a faux-hawk. He is also is often 32 trying desperately to look 23.
This place is packed with schmediums who care more about their hair care than I do!
by Caroline Cardine August 14, 2008
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A particular type of woman that exemplifies a smaller/medium sized frame, that portrays the qualities of pure excellence, beauty beyond belief, breasts that are luscious and delicious often described as "just a hand-full"
Lydia's and Natalie's; schmedium, schmedium, schmedium; "damn that 'schmedium' looks good"
by Schmediums October 24, 2010
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When the size of a man's penis is between small and medium.
My penis isn't small or medium, it's Schmedium.
by Clevermonkey August 7, 2018
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When you where a tight button-up shirt so tight that the buttons are about to burst."
"Damn, that dude is rockin a schmedium. Put on your protective glasses to protect you from flying buttons"
by Double Alex A December 7, 2013
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