A sceptic is relating to the number one badman in the world who is actually called badman brindan the first. This is because no one else can be a better badman than him. A bad girl however is related to sceptice. Who knows who the first sceptice would be for badman brindans life
Badman brindan is a sceptic as he is the number one out of all of them, he also likes purple
by Brindan123 July 9, 2021
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associated with doubting, not believing, not accepting
You should be sceptical of a fortune teller whose crystal ball has three finger holes in it.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
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a doughting or questioning attitude
p1:that person we saw on tv has a lot of scepticism!!
p2:true dat!!
by invisiblekatlover January 24, 2012
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A skank who is beginning to wonder if men are just using her for sex.
Sceptic skank's thought bubble:
'I don't think Brad takes me seriously. He invited me to the ice hockey team party, but when I got on my back and let the all the guys bang my bitchmeat he just laughed!'
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007
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A better sounding name for an air pollution advocate usually paid by, interested in, or manipulated by the pollution-heavy industries. They usually claim themselves (falsely) to be an expert in environmental sciences. Their main purpose is to propagate pro-pollution attitude.
Probably Bjørn Lomborg was the only respectable climate sceptic but for now he does not support his former opinions anymore either.
by antiglobe October 28, 2010
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Cockney (E.London, Great Britain) rhyming slang for Yank American.
A disparaging term for a U.S. citizen.
(Sadly, those poor souls afflicted by political correctness usually confine it to Americans of European origin.)
Far too many of the definitions in this site are courtesy of retarded sceptic tanks.
by wildkitten August 9, 2006
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