People you can barely understand who telephone you regularly usually 10 times a day for solar panels or wants to save you money by putting a virus on your computer, they usually make you feel much safer by telling you they work for the government
Your phone rings for the 100th time you expect those same damn fast talking people aka indian scammer (well speaking very unclearly) you answer the phone, you say hello, no answer you instantly know it's them same damn people. They finally answer they tell you your computer has a virus (this has happened to several people even some which don't have a computer) you go to there website and your computer explodes

The End what a touching story
by that guy who loves lolabunny November 2, 2013
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A smelly ass tech indian that sits behind a computer in a dark room waiting to scam people in his yoga position with skinny legs and in a deep accent says "Hello motherchod, would you like to see your recent purchases on, uh, your recent walmart activity"... Then gets hanged up by the person on the phone...
Indian scammer: "motheranus, I left you 27 voicemails, can you just tell me your purchases and your address pls"
You: sure curry man.
by Greatneil80 November 13, 2019
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stupid horny ass people who ABUSE the fan base of billions of kids by telling kids that they will get (insert item of popular game) if they type in their pass word, normal people would leave instantly, how ever as i said, the fan base is made of kids, they don't know any better, so they type it in, and get hacked, what do they do with it? scaming more kids, WHY? JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SCAMING?????? WOW JUST WOW
ROBLOX scammers should go to hell.... even worse than that, stupid no life retards
by someone else thats not u March 12, 2021
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A friend who steals his friends crush, even though his friend called dibs(squirrel) on the girl he likes.
Daniel: Man I love this one girl Stacy.
Nick: Oh, and her kind a got it on last night.
Daniel:Dude i called squirrel on her already. Youre a freekin Squirrel Scammer
by Eggvon May 18, 2007
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annoying Indians who call you when doing something important saying you have a virus in there computer, when there just trying to hack you.

God knows why they get paid for calling people and saying shit into a telephone
90% of a time when you call them a Indian scammer or some other shit, they will either hang up or call you a prostitute.
phone scammers are such dicks
by Stouz August 30, 2018
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Someone who attempts to obtain a service, or an object for free by manipulation of their victim by using a guilt trip.
Joe is a such guilt scammer because he demanded that I give him a huge discount, claiming that we have been friends for years.
by guiltscammer November 22, 2010
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Someone who targets an individual, usually through the internet and by phone, feigns feelings of love, then finds themselves in an impossible situation that requires money from the target.
Someone poses as an American, develops a romantic relationship, has a job overseas, then requests money from the target to get out of some unexpected disaster. Usually the money will eventually allow the scammer to be united with their target. See for a photo album of known romance scammers.
by sadderbutwiser November 27, 2013
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