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The man that called you about your solar panels or computer last night aka Jared from the irs
by TheJeffOnaterSaid September 25, 2019
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Girl apparenting have interest in you through social network but she have hidden intention.

She make a report through social network about you and want hurt your integrity and reputation.
Me: She is a scammer-girl, she tell an anecdote about your life and then solicit some material

Lover: She block me and change your number; she want break the window of my car and hit me with a friend
by barbaroja August 27, 2022
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Someone who makes hoax telephone call.

These people usually are from places like Nigeria, and India. However they can exist globally
Scammer man! Scammer man! He's on the run.

Don't trust him, he's a scammer man
by Agoge June 12, 2020
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"Man, i got slapped by a Nigerian scammer" -Man 1
"good, you deserved it" -Man 2
by aids and titties November 13, 2019
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Literal Try-hards that doesn't have lives rather than blackmailing and sending extortion mails. If you found one that claims your password has been compromised or you PC / Phone was hijacked by them, report the bitcoin address cause they cry like babies when they got arrested.
Person 1: Hey, some Keyboard warrior said my account was hacked.
Person 2: Ignore that Bitcoin Scammer. Report the address instead.
P1: Wait you know all of this?
P2: Yea, they're bluffing. One of them tried to scam me with my old password on his email message. Probably a basement dweller did that.
P1: Thanks.
by Ronald Lee March 30, 2021
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A song singed after a scammer from a country from India scams you.
White girl: *receives phone call from Punjabi,India*
Guy on phone: "Send bobs"
White girl:"Indian Scammer"
by MACBOOKAIRPROMONEY September 30, 2019
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