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an asshole that cant get something themself so they scam other people that worked hard to get the item
scammer- hi wanna trade knives in mm2
after the "trade"
person- hey give me my damn godly back!
scammer leaves game
by mvyb October 7, 2020
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a person that take your pets in roblox adopt me
a person that takes yo money
omg there is a scammer that just scammed me!
by cristithepoop April 7, 2022
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a person, usually on runescape or neopets, that goes around scamming younge, impressionable noobs out of good things they might have found lying around...for example, i scam noobs on runescape out of pure hatered for noobs.
el stabby (me): hey imadouche109, how much money u got there?
imadouche109: uhh about 200k. i found it in lumby.
el stabby: pfft thats nothing kid, gimme the 200 and ill turn it into 200 million using my magic!
imadouche109: are u sure ur not a scammer?
el stabby: im sure
imadouche109: ok! sure! here u go!
(el stabby takes the money, and logs off)
by pot head370 September 2, 2006
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What happens to Indians that don't have real jobs
Scammer: Hello sir we have detected malicious bad not good hacker scary software on your computer
Me: Oh no what am I going to do
Scammer: First hit control alt c

Me: One question what is your name?
Scammer: Richard...I mean Raj... wait no Robertson...Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta... oh wait.... shit
Me: Damn scammer
by Makundra December 4, 2017
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A young individual who makes out with the opposite sex.
One who throws a scam or is scamming on someone. A way to explain the personality type of a potential hook up.
Can also grow up and still scam.
girlfriend A: so what do you think 'bout Billy-Bob?
girlfriend B: they may call him Billy-Bob, but he's a real
by E to the o to the s July 6, 2006
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Diction repetitively used by obvious overseas scam artists via email, web dating and other forms of social internet pages, often exemplifying english as a second language. Used mostly to try and phish intended victims information and/or sucker victim into "donating/giving" money.
Example of Scammer grammar, often found in emails or dating site messages:

Hello am kelvin..Am new on here and seeking for a very nice and interesting lady to be with and get to know what she seeks on here..Am An Interesting Loving and honest man to be with .Well i will like to know more about and see where it leads us to
by Lonewolf0221 July 15, 2011
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