Someone who chirps all the time

Getting drunk, over condident and aggresive

we`re getting saucy tonight boys
by thecrazybuzzard December 18, 2008
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1) a moderatly insulting state of being for gingers.
2) state of having red hair, potato-like physique and constant look of determination
Yo Wick, keep it saucy!
Stay saucy my man!
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You can only ear the title of saucy and earn it by obtaining the sauce. You officially have it when you can say SAU-cY.
by The real brother October 26, 2019
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Doesn’t exactly have a definition can mean multiple things but at the end of the day it’s a good thing
Oh bies that’s saucy
by Saucyman123 April 13, 2019
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when some one is being extra cheeky that's its king of sexy
that goal you scored was saucy

cheeky British sexy
by HotLumps February 01, 2016
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Used as a noun or an adjective, this word is used to descirbe somone or something. It means to be 'cool' or 'awesome'. Sometimes used as a throw-off phrase, for example as a replacement of thank you or as a reply to a statement.
'Hey, I got you a drink' said Isobel.

'Saucy!' said Olivia, taking a sip.
by m.e.h October 16, 2017
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