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a sarcastic name for someone who states the obvious
Cat: "The sky is blue"
Rich: "Thanks, Captain Obvious"
by Breezy April 13, 2004

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Lookin' Hella Good, Ragooey, Dipped in Butta!
I'm Lookin Saucey Somebody get a camera! Mac Dre R.I.P
by Breezy March 09, 2005

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derived from Chachi of Happy Days.
A male who tries too hard;wannabe;poser

Is usually a frat boy
"I went out with this total chotch last night. He wore his visor upside down and backwards and kept talking about putting a supercharger on his pink 85 Ford Escort."
by Breezy April 13, 2004

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manberry/manberries: the sexual reproductive organ/organs of a human male. Sometimes referred to as testicles, gonads, suitcases, family jewels or the fruit/fruits of man.
If you touch me like that again I will stomp the fruit juice from your manberries.
by Breezy November 12, 2003

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