A way of describing one who is fabulous. In apperance or general being, life style.


Massu: Tell Shige he is saucey.
Massu: *shoots*
Shige: ....=/ am I not saucey?
Massu: I won't deny you your saucey rights, I just wanted to shoot someone.
by KATO BATMAN DESU January 15, 2006
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1. A very tasty liquid. Whether it be beer, pop, or carbonated water, does not matter.
2. An exclamation. Used when complimenting something.
3. Internet term, used to tell someone that you did someone something worth talking about.
1. That liquid ice is fucking SAUCEY!
2. Troy: Did you see what happened to Jack? He got OWND by the axe!
Ethan: SAUCEY!
3. I did this saucey thing to my blog! You should check it out immediately!
by Ethan C February 20, 2005
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To be absolutely amazing.
To be a true goon.
To have a swag most are jealous of.
Come on man, lissah is completely saucey!
by lissahhh February 14, 2009
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Adjective. Erotic. Sexually charged.

Verb. to be sexually arousing.
Lana awoke, flushed and delighted to have been treated to a particularly saucey dream, involving a riding crop.
by friendofyox March 03, 2012
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Used to describe an action, person, place, or thing as smooth or suave.

Also used to describe a smell as stingy or rancid.
-Example 1
Guy 1: Damn Dude you look saucey today!
Guy 2: Thanks Bro!

-Example 2
Guy 1: Did you just poop or something? Your bathroom smells saucey.
Guy 2: Who the Hell are you?
by M.C. Poob September 24, 2016
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