Saucy is a word used to describe when something is interesting .
It is a nice word

I like it
Ooo sis that’s saucy
by Your no.1 dad June 20, 2019
To party with a group of friends and usually get shitfaced or wasted.
Kenny: Let's get saucy tonight!
Chelsea: Oh YeaAHH champaigne yeahhhAAHH!

Kristin: Hell yeah!
by Briannanicolefuckyourself December 10, 2010
Drinking alcohol with your best friends, and having a damn good time.
Jay and Sean were getting saucy with some fine girls on Saturday.
by Jay "Captain J-Daddy" Holt September 30, 2008
It means that the individual carries themselves with a sort of flashy style on or off the court/field
When Akil hit Carlton with that Euro Step it was extra saucy
by D1Bound21 March 6, 2015
a synonym for sketchy, debatable, questionable, shady. someone can DO something saucy, and someone can BE saucy.
*at a party*
guy1: does anyone know those 3 guys that just walked in?
guy2: nah, no one does. they just showed up.
guy1: wtf? thats saucy as hell.
by babyballer6 July 3, 2012
Tipsy,Caked,Drunk,or Over the limit of drinkin
by CamdenCrimeBoss October 22, 2008
A Descriptive Adjective when describing somebody or something in a negative way.
Yo man you played saucy last night, i stuffed the shit out of you

by GMoneySagHairs January 29, 2008