a fly ass guy who can never be roasted tf, he sauci asf, gets all the females , no hoes, no thots. Vice versa for females. We aint sexist here.
Yo my bro nate tho.- Taki
What bout him? -Mimi

Yo that boy sauci asf tho, boutta call him Sauci Nate.- Taki
by Sauci Ed January 05, 2017
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another word for drunk. comes from the word sauced.
they're so cool they get saucy in the bathroom at Dallas BBQs
by saucyFoLiiF3 May 04, 2009
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smooth, to feel good, looking right, elegant, when things are looking up.
Yo my new g-shock is lookin real saucy on my wrist
by killabob July 24, 2009
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There are a lot of false definitions here.

Saucy is cheeky but usually with a "naughty" (as in sexy) undertone, but not always.
You could say that a young child had a saucy grin, they might have done a poo in their fathers hat and then have a saucy grin like they know its wrong but they find it funny.
Or a little girl who has dressed up in her mothers clothes might walk around the street trying to walk in her mothers high heels and make up splattered all over her face, she is being saucy an old lady would say.
Carry on films, OOH SAUCY.

"What a saucy smile that child has got" an old lady might say.

If a woman says something suggestion in an innuendo or doo blon tondra way you would say "OOOOH Saucy", it means naughty, cheeky.
by Ess. March 23, 2008
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1. A musical term used to identify something that sounds very "bluesy" or "jazz" based. usually involves scales consisting of flat 5s or major/minor7th chords.

2. Something Musically Awesome. Sounding musically "sexy"
That Eb7m9/Cadd9 is one saucy chord. or, daniel that was one saucy guitar solo. or, SAUCY!
by justballin23 March 14, 2011
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